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í put mчsєlf вαck íntσ thє nαrrαtívє

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28 March 1980
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✞ í fσund mч lífє whєn í lαíd ít dσwn ✞

Leslie. ♡ In love since 01.13.07 ♡ Wifey to Robert 11.11.12 ♡ Mama since 07.24.99 to four amazing kidlets. Former stay at home mom looking for part-time work. Mediocre domestic goddess & aspiring housewife. Spiritual woman who identifies as "open-minded Christian with a new age flair" ✌. Disney fanatic & annual passholder. Theater nerd, actress, stage manager & techie. Full-time geek girl with a love for all sorts of geekery. Pet sitter. Always singing. Wannabe dancer. Fully in love with both the dark & light side of her personality. Wishes Halloween was all year round. Loves getting mail & care packages. Obsessed with Instagram. Odd, bizarre & a bit moody. Daughter of a King ♚ & a noble lady. 32 flavors & then some. Christian feminist. Discovering herself every day. Loves beautiful & ugly imagery. Takes pictures all the time. Jedi Princess. Hufflepuff House. Senior Paranormal Investigator. Published article writer. Apps addict. Work in progress.

& she's a mermaid.

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